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Push and Hang Mini

The Quick Fix

single nailer


Push and Hang Original

The Homeowner's Edition 

11.5" spread/width, dual nailer


Push and Hang Pro

The Designer's Edition

14.5" spread/width, dual nailer



Have questions? We have answers.

How large of a picture can I hang?

Push & Hang Pro has a spread of 14.5 inches but you can hang items larger than that as long as they weigh 10 pounds or lighter. A photo canvas is a great example of a large, lightweight object. 

 Do I have to buy special nails?

 Nope! Push & Hang accepts any #17 brad nail, which you can find at your local hardware store. Your Push & Hang will also arrive with a bag of 50 extra nails to get you started. 

Can I use it on wood or concrete walls?

No. Push & Hang is best for inserting nails into sheetrock and drywall only. We do not recommend using it on hard surfaces like wood or concrete walls since you push the nails in by hand.

See It in Action

Hanging decor will never be the same (good).