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Picture Hanging Tool

Push and Hang Original


The Homeowner’s Edition
10.5″ spread/width, dual nailer
Holds up to 10 pounds

Hang pictures and artwork perfectly level in seconds with the Push & Hang picture hanging tool. The only tool that allows you to put two nails into the wall, perfectly level and even, at the same time.


  • Comes with 50 extra nails!
  • Hang pictures and artwork in seconds with just ONE tool (no other tools necessary!)
  • Aligns with D-rings, triangle, sawtooth, or other fixtures
  • Magnetic holders keep nails in place
  • Installs 2 nails at a time (each nail holds up to 5lbs; 10lbs total)
  • Capable of hanging items up to 10lbs with two nails and 5lbs with one nail
  • Please note: Compatible only with #17 brads, available at your local hardware store
  • Adjust to the desired width.
  • The arrows point to the mounting hardware on the back of your frame.
  • Insert two nails headfirst into the bottom side of each nail plunger.
  • Place against the wall and use the bubble level to align.
  • Place your palms on both handles and push firmly to install nails into the wall.
Materials: Plastic, anodized aluminum
Dimensions: 16.12" x 2.13" x 5.3"
Weight: 0.58 lb


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