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Can I use this Push & Hang on wood or concrete walls?

No, since you push the nails in by hand. We recommend that you use Push & Hang to insert nails into walls made of sheetrock/drywall.

Will Push & Hang install nails in into studs?

No, but you can use Push & Hang as a marking tool first, then hammer the nails into studs for more holding power or place inserts into the wall as well. This will ensure that your picture will be perfectly level.

Can I hang items side by side?

Yes, there are indicators on the top and sides of each handle to give you the exact location of the nail hole.

Do I have to buy special nails?

No, Push & Hang accepts any #17 brad nail available at your local hardware store.

How large of a picture can I hang?

Push & Hang Pro has a spread of 14.5 inches. Although you can hang most items like canvas wrapped pieces up to 3 feet wide as you can hang it right off the frame and it is up to 10 pounds.

What if I only need one nail?

If you only need one nail, that’s fine. Push & Hang is adjustable and can handle up to 5lbs per nail.

How do I use Push & Hang?

  • Step 1: Remove two nails from the magnetic nail holder.
  • Step 2: Turn the tool over and place one nail into each of the magnetic handles (it will draw the nail in automatically) pointed side out. This allows you to walk about the room and the nails will not fall out.
  • Step 3: If you have an item that has crimps or eyelets on the back of a frame, simply turn the item over. Align the pointer at the top of the left handle with the crimp or eyelet and slide the right handle to the other crimp or eyelet location and you are ready to go (note most items can be hung right off the frame).
  • Step 4: With the level on top and the bubble in the center, locate the area on the wall where you want to hang your item. Place Push & Hang against the wall. With the handles resting in the palm of your hands, simply give it (firm) punch like motion.
  • Step 5: Hang your picture. Step back and enjoy!

Here’s an instructional video from our friends at QVC:

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When will my order ship?

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