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About Us

Push & Hang is an all-in-one picture hanging tool. Originally started in 2019 as a personal project, Push & Hang was designed in an effort to create an easier way to hang pictures and artwork perfectly level, without a bunch of tools.

About the Inventor

Michael Van Horst, the inventor of Push & Hang, is an experienced realtor in California and award-winning inventor and entrepreneur.

At a young age, Michael always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. Growing up, Michael’s friends referred to him as “MacGyver” because he was always looking for ways to make things better, easier to use. 

As a realtor with more than 20 years of experience, Michael has helped many clients purchase homes. Clients would often invite Michael over after a closing, once they were all moved in. When visiting his clients’ homes, he often noticed that furniture and decor would be in place but artwork would be on the floor leaning against the wall. Whenever he’d ask why, clients always had the same answer: they couldn’t find their tools and whatever they’d hang would come out uneven anyway. 

Realizing the stress  that stems from hanging a piece of artwork, Michael set out to find a way to make hanging arts, crafts, and pictures easier. He wanted to solve the full problem and go beyond creating a marking tool; he wanted a tool that actually put the nails into the wall for you. After a lot of trial and error, Michael created Push & Hang. 

Push & Hang is the only tool available that actually inserts two nails into the wall, at the right angle, for a perfectly level pictures and artwork. Push & Hang has been demonstrated over 20.000 times as is now seen on home shopping channels such as QVC and HSN worldwide.