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A better way to
hang pictures, artwork & crafts in seconds 

Push & Hang is the only tool that helps you measure, level, and install nails into the wall — no other tools or studs needed!

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Hang your pictures perfectly level every time.

Push & Hang takes the stress and aggravation out of hanging picture frames, crafts, and artwork.

Hang pictures and artwork perfectly level in seconds with Push & Hang, the only tool that allows you to put two nails into the wall, perfectly level and even, at the same time! 

You simply give each one of the handles a punch-like motion to install the nails into the wall. A sliding bubble level ensures that your artwork is perfectly straight every time. Interior magnets hold nails in place before driving them through their ideal location.

  • Hang pictures and art in seconds with just ONE tool
  • Aligns with d-rings, triangle, sawtooth or other fixtures
  • Magnetic holders keep nails in place
  • Installs 2 nails at a time
  • Capable of hanging items up to 10lbs with two nails and 5lbs with one nail
  • No other tools or help needed
  • Comes with a bag of 50 extra nails!

How it works

Hang your pictures, artwork, and crafts in three easy steps.

Insert nails into the magnetic holders located on the underside of each handle pointed side up.

Set the desired width, then place Push & Hang onto the wall and adjust until level (when the bubble is in the middle).

Place your palms on the green handles and gently push into the wall in a punch-like motion (like using a stapler). Hang you artwork on the nails and enjoy!



Push and Hang Mini

The Quick Fix

single nailer


Push and Hang Original

The Homeowner's Edition 

11.5" spread/width, dual nailer


Push and Hang Pro

The Designer's Edition

14.5" spread/width, dual nailer


One tool, zero guesswork

Hang your photos, artwork, and crafts quickly and easily with just one tool: Push & Hang. Your hammer, measuring tape, level, and pencil can stay put in the tool box. Straight, level pictures – fast!


No more smashed thumbs

Push & Hang is the only tool on the market that will install your nails into a sheetrock or drywall wall. Just insert the nails into the magnetic holder, push, and hang your artwork. No more hammer = no more smashed thumbs!

Just perfectly hung artwork, crafts, and pictures

No more crooked artwork. With Push & Hang, you can hang your artwork crafts, and pictures (weighing under 10lbs) perfectly straight and level every time. It truly is the only tool you’ll ever need to hang decor again.


Ready to push and hang?